Blocklift – Traction Lockable Gas Spring

Blocklift – Traction Lockable Gas Spring

Blocklift gas springs can be stopped at any position during operation. They are fitted with a special locking valve that will only allow the spring to be moved when a release pin is pressed.

The Camloc range of Blocklift gas springs work like conventional gas springs with the addition of an internal locking mechanism that can be stopped immediately in any position.

This locking mechanism only allows the spring to move while the release pin, located on either the end of the piston rod or tube end, is activated.

Most Blocklift gas springs are available in 304 and 316L stainless steel and a wide range of hydraulic, cable, traction and lever release systems are available for these useful gas springs.


  • Rigid in extension
  • Rigid in compression
  • Spring blocking
  • Rigid in extension & compression gas springs
  • M-Blocklift
  • Traction blocklift springs
Blocklift – Traction Lockable Gas Spring