Locking Gas Springs – Blocklift

Locking Gas Springs – Blocklift

Locking Gas Springs in a Range of Sizes

Locking Gas Springs come in four types – rigid in extension (where it acts in an elastic manner if compressed, but is rigid when extended – found in steering columns for example), rigid in compression (the same as rigid in extension, only working the opposite way – found in reclining seats for example), spring blocking (where it is elastic in both directions – found in office chairs for example) and rigid in extension and compression (rigid both ways, offering no elasticity. Can be found in any of the previous examples where rigidity is required in both directions).

 Type Description  Gas Spring Size Range
8-23 10-23 10-28
BL1 Rigid in extension Y Y Y
BL2 Rigid in compression Y Y Y
BL3 Spring blocking Y Y Y
BL4 Rigid in extention & compression Y

Most Blocklift gas springs are available in 316L stainless steel and a wide range of hydraulic, cable, traction and lever release systems are available for these useful locking gas springs.

Through our bespoke service offering, we can work with you to provide gas spring solutions outside of the standard type and sizes found in the above table. Talk with one of our engineering team by filling in the Contact Us form if you require further assistance.

To access our wealth of information on gas spring, damper and motion control solutions – head over to our Technical Support page.


  • Rigid in extension
  • Rigid in compression
  • Spring blocking
  • Rigid in extension & compression gas springs
Locking Gas Springs – Blocklift