Technical Support

We recognise that technical support is highly important to customers and we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent customer service.

Understanding no two applications are the same, our design engineers work closely with customers from concept design, right through to completion. At Camloc Motion Control, we will design a motion control solution to meet specific requirements, whether that’s selecting the most appropriate existing product from our range, or utilising the latest in CAD technology to rapidly provide prototypes for testing.

Read through the documentation below to learn more or get in touch to speak to our team.

Technical Data

Rod All Rods are made from a low alloy steel bar, ground to give the required surface texture and finished with a Nitrotec surface treatment
Tube All tubes are made from low alloy welded precision steel tube
Paint Exposed steel surfaces are black epoxy powder coated as standard to give enhanced resistance to abrasion and corrosion
Oil Lubrication and damping is achieved with a commercial grade mineral oil
Gas The power behind the gas spring is provided by a charge of high purity Nitrogen
End Connectors
  1. Low alloy steel end connectors are generally zinc plated with a clear passivate and comply with RoHS & WEEE directives
  2. Plastic and connectors are moulded with glass filled nylon
  3. Zinc eyes are produced from commercial grade die cast zinc
  1. Low alloy steel generally relates to BS 970
  2. Low alloy welded precision tube relates to DIN 2393
  3. Steel end connectors are plated to BS 1706 & BS 3382 for threaded items
  4. Nitrotec is a registered trademark of Lucas Industries Plc

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From our base in Leicester, UK, we design and manufacture quality-engineered solutions in motion control.

At Camloc, we are more than just a manufacturer of Gas Springs and Dampers.