Camloc Gas Spring Design Form

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Please remember that the more information you can provide us with from the beginning the faster we can provide your gas spring solution!
  • 1. What is your Application? e.g. (machine guard, tool box cover)
  • 2. Describe the action you require from the gas spring on your application:
  • 3. Any restrictions on mounting space?: If Yes, identify on your sketch/drawing in the grid space allocated:
  • 4. What is the application lid weight in Kg?
  • 5. Where is the Hinge pivot point on the lid?
6. All dimensions must be filled in to be able to calculate spring force and mounting positions required
  • Opening type:
  • A (overall lid length in mm)
  • B (length from pivot to handles in mm)
  • C (lid thickness in mm)
  • D (angle of opening in degrees)
  • E frame angle (below horizontal) in degrees
  • 7. Do you have any preferences as to when the gas spring takes over lifting? e.g. after ‘x’ degrees or instant lift
  • 8. Do you know your Centre of Gravity? (We need to know this in 2D (X & Y co-ordinates) from the pivot point. Please use grid below.
    If Yes XG = mm YG = mm
  • 9. If not, please provide a detailed description of the lid shape. e.g. 2” flat steel plate, no additional features, no holes in material and no voids
  • 10. Please provide your own drawings/sketches if available. All dimensions must be from the pivot point. All supporting 3D models or 2D drawings should be included separately (eg .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .dwg, .stp, etc.)
11. Will the gas spring be subject to vibration whilst on the application? Y or N.
If Y please describe

12. Clearly State the Operating Temp Range: e.g. room temperature 21°C
Min °C: Max °C:
13. Number of operations/cycles per day:
14. Estimated Annual Quantity:
15. Delivery/Batch Qty:
16. Current Price:
17. How Many Springs per Application?:
18. Spring/Strut Type (If known, e.g. standard, retracting, multi-positional, etc):
19. Existing Part Number (If known):
20. Current Supplier:
21. Additional Comments:

Alternatively download our form here and send it back to us.