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Understanding no two applications are the same, our design engineers work closely with customers from concept design, right through to completion. At Camloc Motion Control, we will design a motion control solution to meet specific requirements, whether that’s selecting the most appropriate existing product from our range, or utilising the latest in CAD technology to rapidly provide prototypes for testing.

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Gas Strut Terminology

Stroke – The maximum amount of distance the rod can travel from closed length to extended length.

Extended length – The total length of the gas spring measured from the centre of one end fit to the centre of the next end fit.

2 term 3 300x69 - Gas Strut Terminology
Closed Length
– The total closed length measured from the centre of one end fit to centre of the next end fit.

2 term 1 300x83 - Gas Strut Terminology
There may be times when no end fits have been specified, this measurement will refer to the length from rod end to tube end (excluding threads).

2 term 2 300x81 - Gas Strut Terminology
– The beadroll is the grooved section of the tube (reference point three). This feature is used to retain the guide and seal package and prevent the piston from damaging the seal package during extension.



 Introduction to a Gas Spring | Construction of a Gas Spring  

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