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We recognise that technical support is highly important to customers and we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent customer service.

Understanding no two applications are the same, our design engineers work closely with customers from concept design, right through to completion. At Camloc Motion Control, we will design a motion control solution to meet specific requirements, whether that’s selecting the most appropriate existing product from our range, or utilising the latest in CAD technology to rapidly provide prototypes for testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I mount my gas springs on my application?

Standard gas springs should always be mounted rod down to prevent premature seal failure and in addition to provide end of stroke damping. It is also recommended that gas springs are mounted in pairs to prevent side loading. Please see our page on gas spring mounting positions for a detailed guide.


Can you assist me in the location of the ideal mounting positions for my gas springs to give the best possible action on my application?

Please see our Typical Applications page for information on gas spring applications, including a link to our ‘Application Enquiry Form’ where we provide a service to aid in the mounting of gas springs on your application.


Is there any literature about the products that you offer?

Please see our Downloads page to view our range of literature that you may download.


I currently purchase a gas spring from one of your competitors, would you be able to match our current supplier’s gas springs to one of your own?

If you send the details on your current parts to us we will look to match your gas spring as closely as possible using the information given, for a better match please send us a sample of your gas springs and we will use our in house testing equipment to collect detailed information on your current gas springs. Using this information we can produce a gas spring that will fulfil all of your needs.


Can I have my company logo and branding on the gas springs or my own part numbers?

We can print alternative symbolising on our gas springs, this includes different part numbers and different artwork. The symbolising must contain the health and safety information, as well as the parts’ batch number and the date stamp to allow traceability of the parts. To discuss the symbolising options available to you please contact one of our gas spring experts at +44 (0)116 274 3600 or email


What colour options are available?

Our carbon steel gas springs come as standard in a black satin finish and our stainless steel gas springs come in a natural finish. White is a popular colour for Blocklift gas springs and white is also available for our standard carbon steel gas springs.


Is there a minimum batch size?

We manufacture gas springs in a large range of batch sizes, our standard minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. However, talk to us about your requirements and we’ll see what we can do. We do have distributors who are able to supply batches smaller than 50 as well as distributors that stock a standard range of parts that can be ordered straight off the shelf.


Do you keep a stock of ready made parts that I can order off the shelf?

Unfortunately we do not offer a selection of standard gas springs that we keep in stock available for instant dispatch, as every gas spring we manufacture is custom designed and made to your bespoke requirements. We do however have a standard range of parts available through our distributors. Please refer to our distributor page to contact your local distributor.


What end fittings are the most recommended to give the longest possible life available during service?

The most recommended end fitting available to be used on a gas spring is a ball joint, as this gives the gas spring a large degree of freedom to move around and prevent the gas spring from being side loaded.


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