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We recognise that technical support is highly important to customers and we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent customer service.

Understanding no two applications are the same, our design engineers work closely with customers from concept design, right through to completion. At Camloc Motion Control, we will design a motion control solution to meet specific requirements, whether that’s selecting the most appropriate existing product from our range, or utilising the latest in CAD technology to rapidly provide prototypes for testing.

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Gas Struts: Dos and Don’ts

Here is a list of a few things we recommend when designing your application and mounting our gas struts:

Do mount our gas struts in pairs to prevent side loading.

Do mount our gas struts rod down to ensure that the main rod seal is well lubricated at all times, this ensures that the oil is in the correct position to allow you to benefit from our end of stroke damping. When releasing pressure from your Vari‐Lift gas springs, always let the gas out in small amounts, that way you are less likely to de‐gas the struts past the pressure you require. It is recommended that during storage gas springs are kept rod down.

Do ensure that all of our end fittings are fully screwed down onto the gas springs as this will reduce the chance of the threaded studs being broken off during operation.

Do use ball joint end fittings wherever possible as this will reduce the risk of side loading the gas springs. Whenever using ball joints ensure the ball joint studs are screwed in to the application all of the way up to the spanner flats.

It is always recommended when a heavy object is being lifted up to allow an operator to gain access underneath it, that an Econoloc gas strut is used. This is to ensure the operator’s safety in the event that the gas springs are overloaded or misused.

And a few things we recommend that you don’t do with our gas springs:

Do not apply solvents to the gas struts as this can wash the lubricating oil off the piston rod and also degrade the seals, which can cause the seals to fail prematurely.

Do not paint the gas struts as this could transfer onto the piston rod which may pass the main rod seal of the gas spring and cause the seals to fail.

Do not grip the piston rod in any way as grooves or damage can cause oil and gas to leak out of the gas strut.

Do not apply anything to the piston rod as this can cause the main rod seal to fail during cycling.

Never pierce or heat gas springs as they act as a pressure vessel. When used correctly and manufactured to our strict manufacturing and engineering procedures, gas springs are very safe.

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