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Understanding no two applications are the same, our design engineers work closely with customers from concept design, right through to completion. At Camloc Motion Control, we will design a motion control solution to meet specific requirements, whether that’s selecting the most appropriate existing product from our range, or utilising the latest in CAD technology to rapidly provide prototypes for testing.

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De-gassing a Vari-Lift™ Gas Strut

4 vari lift 1024x357 - De-gassing a Vari-Lift™ Gas Strut

When gas struts are used, hinge friction, perceived speed of action, weight of application and where the gas strut is positioned on the application will have a bearing on calculations; leading to forces predicted prior to testing (theoretical forces) being incorrect.

Camloc’s Vari-Lift™ gas strut has been designed to save the end-user time and effort, offering the capability of being de-gassed whilst in position.

The gas springs are charged to their maximum force during manufacture. Using the standard 2mm Allen key provided, gas can be gradually released via the Vari-Lift™ valve. To do this; insert the Allen key into the Vari- Lift™ valve found at the end of the tube and make a quarter-turn. Once gas can be heard, make a quarter-turn back to close the valve prior to checking whether the application is running smoothly. If not, repeat the process.

Release of gas must be done on a gradual basis, to ensure too much is not released from the gas spring.




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