Stop & Stay – Multi-Positional Stay

Stop & Stay – Multi-Positional Stay

There are now two versions of the Stop & Stay gas spring available in the Camloc range – both enabling multi‐position holding of a counter‐balanced weight over the entire stroke of the gas spring.

  1. Stop & Stay with adjustable external friction control. These gas springs are easy to fit with simple adjustment to determine the correct level of support. The lock‐nut is adjusted to suit the application’s weight, thereby applying a ‘stick‐slip’ friction to the rod. Once fitted, finger tip control allows movement to any position required.
  2. Stop & Stay+ with internal pre‐set friction control valve Stop & Stay+ gas springs enable multi‐position holding of a counter‐balanced weight without the need for any manual adjustment. The specially‐designed internal friction valve is pre‐set to your application’s weight, making Stop & Stay+ quick and easy to fit.

All Stop & Stay gas springs are ideal for applications such as canopies, monitor arms, acoustic hoods, delicatessen counters, sunbeds and many more.


  • Multi-positions holding of counter-balanced weights
  • Positional control
  • Choice of either adjustable or pre-set type friction control
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Available with Vari-Lift valve