• SWIFT   SURE 600x200 - Swift & Sure

    Swift & Sure

    Camloc’s ‘standard’ fixed force compression gas spring is the ‘Swift & Sure’. It is available in an extensive range of sizes with a variety of end fittings and brackets.

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  • VARILIFT product 600x200 - VARI‐LIFT™


    VARI‐LIFT™ is the adjustable force version of the ‘Swift & Sure’ designed to be de-gassed whilst in position on the application, saving you both time and effort.

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  • ECONOLOC 600x200 - Econoloc


    Econoloc eliminates the need for separate safety rods. Positively locking when fully‐extended, they protect users from injury in the event of overload or misuse.

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  • Stop and Stay

    Stop & Stay

    There are two versions of the Stop & Stay gas spring in the range – enabling multi‐position holding of a counter‐balanced weight over the full stroke of the gas strut.

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  • stainless steel 600x200 - Stainless Steel Rods

    Stainless Steel Rods

    Camloc 316L grade Stainless Steel gas springs give increased corrosion‐resistance in harsh environments such as marine, food, pharmaceutical and chemical.

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  • Cam Shoc Dampers

    Cam-Shoc Dampers

    Cam‐Shoc dampers are self‐contained, maintenance‐free, hydraulic damping units. They are designed and engineered to absorb, meter and control kinetic energy.

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  • BLOCK LIFT 600x200 - Blocklift


    Blocklifts can be stopped at any position during operation. Fitted with a locking valve they only allow movement when the release pin is pressed.

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  • Hydraulic Lift

    Hydraulic Lift

    The Hydraulic Lift provides simple hydro-mechanical height and backrest adjustment on medical applications with a single lever and no need for a power supply.

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  • cam stay product


    The Cam-Stay is a manually operated telescopic multi-positional stay. With fixed holding positions they provide quick and steady positioning.

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  • END FITs 600x200 - End Fittings

    End Fittings

    Manufactured in a range of materials including nylon, steel, stainless steel and zinc to suit both your gas spring and application perfectly.

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  • mountingbrackets product 600x200 - Mounting Brackets

    Mounting Brackets

    Camloc designs its mounting brackets and pins to offer customers a wide range of options to suit almost any application.

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