Construction of a gas strut infographic

Our made-to-order gas struts and dampers provide engineered motion control solutions for a range of applications – solving complex product issues that can turn cloudy visions into reality.

Product designers often know that they need a gas strut to support and move their product or application, but not everyone knows and understands exactly what goes into making a gas strut in order to achieve the desired outcome.

We’ve put together this useful infographic and supporting content to break down how a gas strut is constructed and provide a quick overview of what its constituent parts do when applied to an application.

P8199 Social Inforgraphic 1 1 scaled - Construction of a gas strut infographic

Gas struts are used for the lowering of weights as well as the lifting, damping and general safe manoeuvring of applications. Our range of gas struts have been used across sectors including aerospace, military, signage, medical, specialty vehicles and rail.

A gas strut is the same as a mechanical coil spring in so far as it’s a device for storing energy. However, where a coil spring’s energy comes from straining the material that makes up the spring, a gas spring’s energy comes from compressing the Nitrogen gas contained within it.

Gas struts are closed systems that are charged with inert Nitrogen gas and require no external energy source in order to operate. The pressure on either side of the piston remains equal irrespective of its position, which differs to a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder that requires a pressure differential across the piston in order to move.

So, if this is the case, how does it work when no further gas is introduced, and the internal pressure remains equal? The answer lies in the small cross-sectional area of the rod where the gas is unable to exert any pressure. It is the difference between the gas pressure acting on the internal cross-sectional area of the rod, and the atmospheric pressure acting on the external end side of the rod that causes the rod to extend.

As the rod is pushed into the tube the available gas volume is reduced and the gas contained in the spring is compressed. This increases the pressure (or resistance to force applied) and this compression of gas creates the spring-like behaviour. A small path through the piston enables the gas to flow across the piston and also provides the means of controlling the speed of the spring as it is depressed and extended.

The strut is sealed with the end plug, preventing the gas from escaping and providing the attachment point for the end fitting.

Thumb through our technical support section to find out more along with FAQs, terminology and a series of how to videos.

If you would like to find out more about our range of gas struts and dampers and how we could work with you on your next application, contact our in-house team of expert design engineers.

We’re spreading extra festive cheer with our gas strut Christmas tree!

After hanging our stockings on the wall and preparing the end-of-year office Christmas lunch, we’ve well and truly got into the Christmas spirit at our Leicester HQ. To top it all off, we’ve added one final decoration to the office – a Christmas tree manufactured out of gas struts!

This latest festive addition has taken pride of place in our main reception to welcome visitors and is made entirely from Camloc products.

Our team of highly-skilled engineers was tasked with creating something festive using only Camloc products and it’s safe to say they went above and beyond in creating an early slice of Christmas magic.

The tree brings together a range of gas struts, dampers and end fittings and took 6 hours to make, incorporates 46 individual products, and would certainly be the envy of any engineer. To top it off, we’ve added a gas strut angel and some on-brand tinsel.

After such a great year for the company, our beloved tree is very much the icing on the cake as we look forward to the festive season.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to all of our customers and partners for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in 2020 and beyond. From the entire Camloc team, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Our new range of UK manufactured locking gas struts is officially unveiled

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve officially launched our range of UK manufactured Blocklift locking gas struts.

The Blocklift is the latest UK manufactured product within our extensive range of gas struts and dampers and features an internal locking mechanism – allowing the strut to be locked in any position along the length of the stroke.

An adjustable force version has been developed whereby the struts force can be adjusted down using a 2mm Allen key to suit the application requirements. 

The Blocklift range includes four products suited to different applications, the BL1 which is rigid in extension, the BL2 which stays rigid in compression, the BL3 with elastic locking and the BL4, which remains rigid in both extension and compression.

Common applications for the Blocklift range include the height and angle adjustment of seats for the aerospace, bus, train and specialist and military vehicle sectors. It also provides controlled adjustment on hospital beds, physiotherapy tables and wheelchairs for the medical sector.

Company Director, Andy Hubbard, is excited by the solutions on offer to businesses with the Blocklift range.

“Our team of design engineers has been working to develop the Blocklift after we saw the opportunity to reduce lead times by up to two-weeks and improve overall product performance. We are also looking forward, in the coming weeks, to launching a selected range of adjustable force Blocklifts that will be available through online distributors on a next-day basis” says Andy.

The Blocklift range will be available both direct and through selected distributors. For businesses looking to incorporate Blocklift on their next project, the benefits of product customisation are a real plus – as Andy goes on to explain.

“Our Blocklift products can be tailored to meet the most exacting customer requirements. Customisation is key. We are able to manufacture Blocklifts in 1mm rod and tube increments and 5 Newton force increments.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service and provide free UK-based engineering support for customers as standard, with complete technical advice from our skilled team of designers and engineers. Our design engineers work closely with our customer’s engineering design teams to understand their requirements, timelines and budget, and provide the right solution for their specific application needs.”

To find out more about our Blocklift range, click here.

We recently celebrated the dedication of our long-serving Production Operative, Andy Knight!

Twenty-six years is a long time to spend with one company and such dedicated service is becoming increasingly rare in today’s working world.

Our Production Operative, Andy Knight, joined Camloc in a temporary role 26-years ago before progressing into a series of permanent positions across the shop floor. We recently caught up with him to hear his thoughts about the last 26-years, what his highlights have been and what’s changed.

What first attracted you to Camloc?

I’d previously worked in similar roles within manufacturing, but I was keen to secure a job within a larger company with a solid reputation for creating high-quality products. When I saw that Camloc was advertising for a temporary role, I thought that it would be great experience if nothing else, and luckily for me they offered me a permanent position!

What has changed since joining Camloc 26-years ago?

The improvements in the machinery we use have been incredible! At the start of 2019, we invested in a second CNC Lathe machine to help increase production capability and flexibility. The willingness to invest in both our equipment and the team makes a huge difference – making you feel valued and part of the bigger picture.

It’s not just the equipment either if there’s something that will improve the quality of our working life, it’s always considered. Last year, the company replaced the entire roof to increase the natural light in the factory – making it brighter and easier for us to do our jobs.

What do you enjoy most about working at Camloc and why have you stayed for 26-years?

I think what I enjoy the most about Camloc is how well we are all treated. The company really looks after you – so much so that you would think it was a family-owned business.

One of my main reasons for staying is the people. The team that I have seen built over the last 26 years is fantastic! I think it’s very rare for a large team to communicate across all levels but everybody pulls together at Camloc, making it feel like one big family. 

On behalf of everyone at Camloc Motion Control, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Andy for his 26-years of dedicated service and we look forward to the next 26!

We have continued the growth of our worldwide distribution network with Appian Fasteners partnership!

We are expanding our worldwide product reach after appointing Ireland-based Appian Fasteners to our global distribution network.

With 30-years industry experience, we design and manufacturer a range of gas springs, struts and dampers – including bespoke made-to-order products – from our factory in Leicester. We have an established global network of partners and distributors across the UK, Europe, North America, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

The new partnership will see Appian Fasteners stock and distribute a range of Camloc’s stainless and mild steel adjustable force gas springs and accessories through its online webshop, offering next day delivery from stock. In addition, Appian will also provide gas spring and damper technical support and value-added engineering to its customers through our experts and bespoke product offering.

Founded in 1967, Ireland-based Appian Fasteners is a leading distributor of industrial fasteners, mechanical components and access hardware. The company has locations in Dublin, Belfast and Scotland – servicing customers in both and Ireland and the UK as well as mainland Europe.

For our company Director Andy Hubbard, adding Appian Fasteners to our global distribution network presents a fantastic opportunity for both businesses.

“Appian Fasteners is a perfect fit for us. Like Camloc, the team at Appian are experts in their field and offer friendly technical advice when it’s needed most. With over 52-years experience they understand OEMs, contract manufacturers and local customers alike.” said Andy.

He continues, “Appian provides us with fantastic opportunities in new and existing sectors that are ideally suited to our product range whilst adding to our global distribution footprint.”

Des Broderick, Managing Director of Appian Fasteners said “Appian prides itself on working with leading Global manufacturers to support our highly technical markets. We are delighted to team up with Camloc Motion Control whom we view as innovative partners to offer their excellent range gas springs, struts and dampers to the Irish and UK market.”

He added “As a technical distributor, we look forward to working together on many varied projects and achieving the growth and increase in market share to which we both aspire. This opportunity will add to our extensive range of products that allows us to continue to support our key customers with the level of customer service they expect.”

To find out more about Appian Fasteners, visit

5th Anniversary of Made in Britain Membership!

We are proud to announce that we have signed up to our fifth consecutive year with Made in Britain.

The Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses selling goods that are manufactured in, or have undergone a substantial final change in Britain before sale.

Many industries still place high importance and value on products manufactured in the UK; so we are delighted to have secured the accreditation for another year as we continue our mission to be more than a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers.

Paired with free UK-based engineering support from concept design through to completion, as well as first-class after-sales care, the Made in Britain accreditation adds additional security and peace of mind to our customer base through the knowledge that they will receive a quality product.

“We know that consumers from the UK and further afield hold products manufactured in the UK in high regard,” says Director, Andy Hubbard.

He continues “The membership means that we remain part of an exclusive group of manufacturers working in line with the principles of the Made in Britain mark. This evokes a real sense of solidarity and promotes and encourages UK manufacturing as something to be proud of and to be invested in.”

To find out more, visit the Made in Britain website or if you have any questions regarding Camloc gas springs, feel free to get in touch.

99.4% On-Time Delivery For Your Gas Spring Solutions

Consistently delivering quality gas spring and damper solutions on-time and around the Globe is what we do.

As a leading UK manufacturer of gas spring and damper solutions we know the importance of delivering our products to you on-time, wherever in the world you need them. With this in mind, we are proud to have a world-class On-Time Delivery record of 99.4% – this being a factor which sets us apart from the competition.

Do you have tight deadlines to meet? This is not a problem, we are here when you need us and are used to working with customers who have tight deadlines. Working with customers around the world from concept design right through to completion, we offer practical solutions to suit your gas spring and damper requirements.

Understanding there is often a number of stakeholders in any given project, we recognise it is crucial our customers work with reliable additions to their operation – we can, and do, confidently state we are a reliable addition to our customers’ operation – with this customer-centric approach spanning across all aspects of our business.

These qualities further solidifying what makes us more than just a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers.

We’ll deliver a quality engineered solution to you on-time.

  • FY19 YTD (Oct ’18 to Feb ’19 inc.) OTD – 99.4%
  • FY18 OTD – 98.0%
  • FY17 OTD – 99.1%

Visit our Products Page to view our range of motion control solutions.

Our core sectors include:

High-Quality Content Written for the Discerning Design Engineer

Understanding the importance of answering commonly asked industry questions regarding gas springs and dampers, we have teamed up with numerous publications across engineering and manufacturing to provide high-quality content to the discerning design engineer.

This continuing our mission to be more than just a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers.

Often finding the same questions regarding gas springs, dampers and motion control solutions being asked, we have teamed up with leading publications to put our content answering these questions in front of design engineers world-wide.

To begin with, we have compiled four whitepapers. The first of these whitepapers has been written as a guide to understanding the basics of gas spring application; providing the reader a basic understanding of the workings and terminology used when specifying gas springs and dampers. This whitepaper also describes the differences orientation and damping expected dependent on the mounting position chosen.

The following three whitepapers have been written by engineers, for engineers. These technical whitepapers include a two-part technical overview, discussing ‘forces’, ‘effect of rod diameter’, ‘effect of rod insertion’ and ‘effects and limits of temperature on gas springs’ – with the second of the technical overviews covering ‘damping’, ‘metering and extension speeds’, ‘friction and P1 – P4 charts’, ‘force and force ratios’ and ‘oil levels’.

Following on from our technical overview guides, Technical Director Matt Warne has provided an in-depth technical whitepaper on gas spring mounting. This whitepaper covers a wide variety of areas including ‘handling forces’, ‘mounting positions and gas spring sizing’, ‘mounting orientations’, ‘mounting – crossover, self-rise and self-close’, ‘mounting – practical application’ and ‘mounting – dampers’.

If you would like to offer any feedback on our content or have any questions you feel need answering around gas spring, dampers and motion control, please email Any feedback or content ideas are greatly appreciated.

You can access and download our whitepapers here Technical Support.

Investment in a Second CNC Lathe to Further Enhance Production and New Product Development Capabilities

We continue our mission for growth, with further investment in a second CNC Lathe machine to increase production capability and flexibility.

The DMG MORI Sprint 32|8 is similar to the Lathe machine which arrived in September 2017.

Priding ourselves on our capability to design and manufacture bespoke gas springs and dampers to meet exacting requirements of our customers, the new machine enables improved flexibility to fulfil this mission.

The new lathe arrived on 7th January, 2019, becoming fully operational and going into action on 16th January, 2019.This being yet another major advancement within our business, to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry.

“Following the proven success of the first CNC Lathe, we decided to bring forward the investment in the second” explains Technical Director, Matt Warne.

“Having access to a second lathe has enabled us to bring forward new product development, plus improve our flexibility to tailor customer specific solutions. Reducing specialist component lead-times means we are better able to meet customer needs with this being another step forward in adapting solutions to meet customer requirements” added Matt.

Marking the End of the WW1 Centenary

Understanding the importance of remembering those who served, sacrificed and changed our world, this year we hosted a raffle to mark a century since the end of WW1.

The Poppy Appeal is the Royal British Legion’s largest fundraising campaign, held each year in November, deemed the ‘period of remembrance’. This year (2018) being a notable one, as it marked 100 years since the end of WW1.

The Royal British Legion provides vital support for the Armed Services Community, from supporting veterans in emergency situations or those who may have fallen in debt, to providing well-deserved breaks for service families.

This year our Executive PA decided to mark the momentous occasion, we would do more than providing a collection box; instead opting for organising a raffle on top, with all proceeds going to the Poppy Appeal.

“A few employees kindly donated prizes, and tickets were sold to the workforces of both Camloc Motion Control Ltd and National Windscreens (who share our building)” Di stated.

“I am very pleased to let you know we have received official notification that we raised the magnificent sum of £151.06 for the 2018 Poppy Appeal. A wonderful effort – thanks once again to everyone who participated and donated.” Di went on to say.

We mark a special milestone for Production Operator Kay as she celebrates 15 years with Camloc!

Fifteen years is a long time when thinking about employment and it’s very rare in the modern day for any employee to remain with a business for such a sustained period of time.

Our Production Operator Kay moved to the UK when she was only eight years old, with little grasp of the English language. After finishing school, she went on to fulfill numerous roles before taking on the role of Production Operator at Camloc. We recently caught up with her to see how things have changed and what her highlights have been during her 15 years with Camloc Motion Control.

What experience did you have prior to joining Camloc?

After leaving school, I opted against going to university or college and decided to get a job in order to provide a steady income for my family. For a while I worked at a shoe manufacturers before becoming a carer in a local care home. I quickly discovered how tough it is mentally to work in that environment and decided that it just wasn’t for me. One of the men I cared for had holes in his shoes so I took it upon myself to get in touch with the shoe company and get him a brand new pair. He was very happy and said to me that he’d never owned new shoes before!

I then took time away from work to have my daughter. I was a stay-at-home mum for a couple of years before signing up with a recruitment agency to get back into employment.

What first attracted you to Camloc?

Whilst with the agency, most of the companies I worked for offered me a job but because I didn’t have a car, they weren’t easy to access. Camloc was much easier to commute to and the hours worked around my children. I joined Camloc as a temp and stayed for three years. After a brief spell away, I was then offered a full-time job at Camloc within the build team. I prefer being involved in the build of the gas springs, so the job specification definitely attracted me back.

What has changed since joining Camloc 15 years ago?

A lot has changed. New machinery, changes to the factory and we now design and manufacture a wider range of gas springs. I was saying just the other day that often we won’t work on one type of gas spring for a while and then a week later, we receive a large order for them – typical!

When I first joined the company, we regularly received substantial orders for pistons to go into game machines but now, the work is far more varied. I prefer the variety though because it means that every day is different.

What do you enjoy most about working at Camloc?

I love that we all get on and the team feels like an extended family – it makes life a lot easier. Everyone help out with jobs such as getting the oil filled properly and because of the brilliant team ethic, it ensures that orders are fulfilled on time.

One example of this is when the line one machine broke down. We struggled without it but we still managed to fulfill orders on time by pulling together as a team. You don’t see that togetherness at a lot of other companies.

Why have you stayed with Camloc for 15 years?

I love what I do and the people I work with! All of this has resulted in me becoming very settled and comfortable here. If I didn’t feel comfortable then I wouldn’t be here 15 years later.

I said to my daughter recently “I’ve done 15 years and look I have a certificate”. Her response was “well done mum, you can do another 15 years now!” (laughs).

On behalf of everyone at Camloc Motion Control, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Kay for her 15 years of service. We look forward to having her with us for another 15 years!


We’ve added to our expert team with the appointment of Distribution Channel Sales Manager, Richard Parker

We have recently expanded our team with the appointment of Distribution Channel Sales Manager, Richard Parker.

With over eight-years experience in commercial and construction sales recruitment on a regional and national level and a further six years in external territory-based sales – Richard brings a wealth of experience in account development and new business generation to the role.

After four years with RS Components, Richard has joined our Sales Team and will be reporting to company Director Andy Hubbard – who was very impressed by Richard at interview stage.

“Richard comes equipped with a wealth of transferable skills and experience that he will be able to put to good effect at Camloc in order to benefit our customers and our business growth,” said Andy.

Day-to-day responsibilities for Richard include the strategic identification of potential new markets, searching for appropriate distribution partners and value-added resellers, as well as contract negotiation and management. His new role also requires him to source new potential end-user clients to add to Camloc’s strong portfolio of customers.

Richard has been impressed with our internal processes and procedures and has praised the company’s strong values for quality and good customer service which sit at the heart of everything we do.

“Camloc has a very customer-centric approach and holds a respected reputation for manufacturing high-quality products – while continually supporting its staff and constantly meeting customer demand,” said Richard.

“This position is a great opportunity for me to gain an in-depth understanding of Camloc’s products and its markets and play an active role in significantly growing the company’s distribution channels. I have enjoyed the hands-on training provided and there is a great team spirit across all of the departments. I look forward to tackling the challenges ahead in order to take the company to the next level.”

To find out more about Camloc Motion Control, visit

A thank you from LOROS following five years of donations from Camloc!

Charity remains a primary focus for us here at Camloc, as we continue to support LOROS with their donation station initiative.

LOROS faces the momentous challenge each year of raising a minimum of £7.7 million, to ensure they can continue to provide free, high-quality care tailored to the needs of each individual patient. A large percentage of this is reliant on support from local communities.

We first partnered with LOROS in 2013 by getting on board with their donation station initiative, with this currently being housed in the canteen.

Since partnering, we have encouraged all employees of Camloc to get involved by donating any of their unwanted goods. Each bag is worth £25 on average; this offers the potential for an hour of patient care, an aromatherapy reflexology or massage session, or collection of two patients from home for day therapy.

“I would like to thank everybody who has, and who continues to take part in the LOROS donation station initiative” remarks Financial Director, Julie Barker.

“Having raised £1,100 over the last year is a fantastic effort, which will provide ample care for those who need it. LOROS continues to do fantastic things and we shall continue to proudly support them” Julie states.


Screen Shot 2018 11 22 at 09.40.51 300x222 - A thank you from LOROS following five years of donations from Camloc!

The race is on for three Camloc employees taking part in a 52-mile ultra-marathon!

For some people, the standard 26-mile marathon would be more than enough of a challenge. But for three of our employees, that number isn’t quite hitting the mark!

Race To The Tower is a 52-mile ultra-marathon along the Cotswold Way starting near Stroud in Gloucestershire and finishing at Broadway Tower in Worcestershire – taking place on the 9th and 10th June 2018.

Northern Area Sales Engineer, Michael Cook was the first, out of the team, to sign up for the event and encouraged his colleagues to endure the race with him – “I was excited by the challenge for my personal achievement as it is nowhere near anything I have ever done before, ” says Michael.

“It is great to complete the race as a team and I am confident that we will all support each other through it!” he adds.

Joining Michael in the 52 miles across two days is former Camloc employee Tracy Ayres. However, going the extra mile, are Camloc Directors Matt Warne and Julie Barker – who are completing the full 52 miles non-stop, in a single 13-hour stint.

Matt and Julie are both revved up for the event, and keen to raise as much money as possible – “Both myself and Julie are extremely competitive and lack the ability to say ‘no’ to a challenge – hence why we are putting ourselves through 52 miles in 13-hours!,” explains Matt.

“I imagine it will feel like the longest 13 hours of our lives – but it is for two fantastic causes, so I am sure there will be enough motivation for us to keep going!”.

The chosen charities are LOROS Hospice and Georgie’s Gift. LOROS provides free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill adult patients, their families and carers – while Georgie’s raises awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia.

“This event is allegedly one of the toughest ultra-marathons you can do, so we really feel it is a challenge worthy of people’s donations. Our chosen charities are two very worthy causes and it would be amazing to make a significant donation to both of them,” says Julie.

“I can speak for all of us when I say that any donations made will be very much appreciated and we thank everyone in advance for any contributions made – no matter how big or small.” adds Julie.

From all of us at Camloc, we wish the guys the very best of luck and we will provide an update on how they get on after the event! To make a donation in support, please follow the link here>

For more information about LOROS and Georgie’s Gift, please visit and

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Leicester College in 2018 as part of its ‘Industrial Cadets’ programme

Following a successful partnership in 2017, we have recently agreed to once again nurture future industry talent through our exciting work supporting Leicester College’s Industrial Cadets scheme.

The programme offers experience to young people taking part in the nationally-recognised programme which forms part of the Prince’s Trust’s Engineering Education Trust – set up by the Prince of Wales. It allows students nationwide to benefit from work experience across the in-demand skill areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Through the trust, cohorts of young people are able to gain valuable experience with the aim of equipping “all Prince’s Trust young people with the STEM skills needed for employment”.

A group of 35 engineering students worked with us for one week in 2017, learning directly from company directors Andy Hubbard and Matt Warne about our specialist products and how they are manufactured. They were required to complete a 30 hour project as part of the programme – spending the first and last day of the week on-site with us – benefiting from a tour of the premises and carrying out a Q&A session with Andy and Matt.

At the end of the week, the students then pitched their product designs to a panel which included Camloc directors and teachers from Leicester College. The best group at the end of the pitch process was then chosen to work up their brief further.

Following the success of last year’s programme, both ourselves and Leicester College have renewed our working relationship in order to offer this innovative opportunity to another cohort in the spring of 2018.

“We put a high value on the time taken by the team at Camloc accommodating and educating our cadets,” said Gemma Jackson, Employability and Enterprise Manager at Leicester College.

“Our students cannot gain this sort of experience in the classroom – it is only by going out into the world of work and learning first-hand from industry professionals that they can truly appreciate the processes and procedures in place for successful manufacture of such intricately engineered products.” added Gemma.

For Camloc, being able to offer insights to the next generation is an exciting opportunity, and one that company Director Andy Hubbard is looking forward to – “Last year’s cohort showed immense potential and a keen enthusiasm for engineering and our products,”.

“We look forward to welcoming this year’s group to Camloc in the coming weeks.” added Andy.

Students that take part in the Industrial Cadets programme are ‘silver accredited’ upon completion and will be able to add the nationally-recognised accreditation to their CVs and portfolios.

To find out more about the range of products we manufacture, visit

Team Leader Jason Ascott, celebrates a quarter of a century with Camloc!

A lot can change in 25 years, but one thing that’s remained consistent at Camloc over the previous quarter of a century is the presence of our experienced Team Leader, Jason Ascott.

Jason started his career working as an apprentice mechanical fitter in 1986, building a wide range of machine tools and transfer lines. Due to his love for problem solving, after his apprenticeship he went on to build industrial robots.

He took a keen interest in Camloc after hearing about a vacancy at the company in 1993 – and has worked for the company ever since. We recently put some questions to one of our longest serving team members to see how his role within the company has changed and what he’s enjoyed about working for Camloc over the last quarter of a century.


What has changed since you first started at Camloc, 25 years ago?

My role, and what is required in order to ensure we meet demand, has changed within the company – but the company itself hasn’t changed too much. Yes, people have come and gone and technology has advanced but everybody is recognised as an expert in what they do and treated as an equal – regardless of their role. The reason why people stay at Camloc for so long is because of the great people that work here.

What have you been involved in over the last 25 years?

When I first started at Camloc I was involved in running the machine that injects the gas into the springs. My next role was working as a Maintenance Technician – this role allowed me to go back to college and gain several new qualifications – including a BTEC in engineering. In my first year in this role, I went to America for three weeks in order to smooth out a few inevitable problems for a customer. However, 22 years ago my role was no longer needed and I became Team Leader on shift work at Camloc grinding rods. Now I look after all processes on the shop floor.

What do you enjoy most about working at Camloc?

I really enjoy solving a problem and getting my hands dirty. I’m in charge of all aspects of running the shop floor, so I enjoy the responsibility that comes with my role. I also enjoy working alongside my colleagues – most people have been here for a long time so we’ve developed a great working relationship. For example, Ben Taylor, recently hit 15 years with Camloc, while Carl Payne and Gary Keavney have both been at the company for a decade! Camloc employees are happy and dedicated within their role – which is usually why we stick around for so long!

We would like to extend a big thank you and congratulations to Jason for his 25 years service, and to Ben, Carl and Gary for your 15 and 10 years respectively. That’s a combined 55 years of hard work – and we look forward to another combined 55 years service!

We’re engineering future success with the appointment of new Applications Engineer, David Mathias

We have continued our positive start to 2018 after expanding our team with the appointment of Applications Engineer, David Mathias.

David graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 with a BEng Hons degree in Mechanical Engineering, which stood him in good stead by helping him to secure his first role as a Design Engineer with FREM Group Screens – a company specialising in office furniture solutions.

After 14 months at FREM, David has joined our Engineering Team and will be reporting into company Director Matt Warne and Senior Design Engineer Georgina Hoyle – with the former very impressed by David’s expertise at interview stage.

“David demonstrated a clear understanding and sound knowledge of the skills we require for an Applications Engineer – with transferable skills and experience that he will be able to implement to good effect at Camloc in order to benefit our customers and our internal product development,” said Matt Warne.

Day-to-day responsibilities for David include supporting the Engineering Team in product development, responding to application enquiries and producing sales drawings. His new role also requires him to test and evaluate products in order to guarantee quality for our portfolio of customers.

David has been impressed with the internal processes and procedures at Camloc, and he values the focus on quality and customer service which sit at the heart of everything the company does.

“Camloc has an ethos that is all about the customer, and manufacturing quality products – while continually investing in its staff, machinery and product development,” said David.

“This position is a great opportunity for me to spread my wings. I particularly like the hands-on side of engineering – such as manufacturing, product testing and developing ideas to find the best solution – so I feel that making the move to Camloc Motion Control is the perfect fit for me.”

Investment in future talent continues with the appointment of graduate applications engineer, Gagan Chatha

We are continuing to grow our team after hiring recent university graduate Gaganpreet Singh Chatha as an applications engineer.

Gaganpreet, or Gagan as he is known by his colleagues, has taken up his new role with Camloc after successfully graduating from Birmingham City University (BCU) with a BEng in mechanical engineering, having previously achieved a Higher National Diploma from Leicester College.

As part of his role, Gagan is responsible for providing support on creating new applications as well as testing springs and dampers to identify, analyse and develop existing products in order to provide performance improvements. He is excited to get to grips with all aspects of his new role and learn more about the industry to put his teachings into practice.

Gagan forms part of the wider engineering department and reports into engineering director Matt Warne, who was impressed with Gagan from the moment he first spoke to him at interview stage.

“Gagan was a standout candidate for this role because of his BEng in mechanical engineering at BCU, as well as his hunger and enthusiasm to learn and develop in an entry-level role within our industry,” said Matt. “As a company, it’s vital that we support the next generation of engineers as they bring fresh ideas and thinking to the business. Gagan has hit the ground running and I’m confident he’ll become a much-valued member of the team.”

Gagan’s BEng mechanical engineering degree provides him with fantastic grounding and an in-depth understanding of the industry.

“Being able to help in creating applications, as well as testing springs and dampers in such a hands-on environment, is really satisfying,” says Gagan. “The thing that has impressed me most about Camloc as a company, is the amount of support they’ve provided in developing me as an applications engineer.”

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