Investment in future talent continues with the appointment of graduate applications engineer, Gagan Chatha

We are continuing to grow our team after hiring recent university graduate Gaganpreet Singh Chatha as an applications engineer.

Gaganpreet, or Gagan as he is known by his colleagues, has taken up his new role with Camloc after successfully graduating from Birmingham City University (BCU) with a BEng in mechanical engineering, having previously achieved a Higher National Diploma from Leicester College.

As part of his role, Gagan is responsible for providing support on creating new applications as well as testing springs and dampers to identify, analyse and develop existing products in order to provide performance improvements. He is excited to get to grips with all aspects of his new role and learn more about the industry to put his teachings into practice.

Gagan forms part of the wider engineering department and reports into engineering director Matt Warne, who was impressed with Gagan from the moment he first spoke to him at interview stage.

“Gagan was a standout candidate for this role because of his BEng in mechanical engineering at BCU, as well as his hunger and enthusiasm to learn and develop in an entry-level role within our industry,” said Matt. “As a company, it’s vital that we support the next generation of engineers as they bring fresh ideas and thinking to the business. Gagan has hit the ground running and I’m confident he’ll become a much-valued member of the team.”

Gagan’s BEng mechanical engineering degree provides him with fantastic grounding and an in-depth understanding of the industry.

“Being able to help in creating applications, as well as testing springs and dampers in such a hands-on environment, is really satisfying,” says Gagan. “The thing that has impressed me most about Camloc as a company, is the amount of support they’ve provided in developing me as an applications engineer.”

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We have invested in the talent of the future with the appointment of new apprentice, Conner Danvers-Rushin

We have invested in future industry talent by adding new apprentice, Conner Danvers-Rushin, to our in-house engineering team.

Eighteen-year-old Conner has taken up the position of Testing and Development Support Engineer and will study at Leicester College two days a week. As part of his apprenticeship, Conner is required to complete a minimum of two years studying at Leicester College.

Within his day-to-day role at Camloc, Conner is learning all aspects of product testing, development and engineering in the business – working closely with our Development Engineer of 26 years, John Widger.

Conner is excited to be given this opportunity with the company and learn as much as he can from John.

“Camloc is a trusted and well-respected name in its industry” said Conner. “When I heard about this apprenticeship opportunity, I jumped at the chance to apply. I am so lucky to be working alongside someone like John who has so much experience.”

Company Director Matt Warne explains how Camloc recognises that investing in the future is vital in an industry where specialist knowledge and expertise is key. And, with a long-serving expert such as John to learn from, Conner could not be in better hands in order to get to grips with Camloc’s processes, procedures and innovative products.

“As a company we were keen for an apprentice to come in and learn the job inside out from an experienced mentor such as John in order to gain all the necessary skills required to help us to continue to push Camloc forward in the future,” said Matt. “We are excited to watch Conner grow with the company and help him to develop his skills moving forward.”

Senior Design Engineer, Georgina Hoyle celebrates her 20th year at Camloc Motion Control

Congratulations to Georgina Hoyle, our Senior Design Engineer, who is celebrating her 20th year with Camloc!

Graduating from Coventry University with a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, and from Liverpool University with a Masters in Engineering Materials, Georgina first joined us 20 years ago as a Design and Applications Engineer.

We asked Georgina some questions to see how her role within the company has changed over the last two decades.

What has changed since you first started at Camloc, 20 years ago?

My role has changed as the company has evolved. Camloc has gone from a product-standardisation focus to a more niche product manufacturer with a broader range of products. I am now the Senior Design Engineer in a team of Engineers made up of people with diverse roles, skills, and experience. Our current Engineering team has a fantastic range of experience and skills which enables us, with the support of other functions, to develop creative  designs and solutions to both internal and customer-driven projects.

What do you enjoy most about working at Camloc?

I really enjoy solving a problem, and at Camloc I have had the opportunity to solve complex problems. I get enormous job satisfaction in taking a problem, finding design solutions, and then following that solution through to prototyping and testing, and on to production.

What have you been involved in over the last 20 years?

I have been involved in some really interesting and challenging design and development projects including various new gas spring and damper assemblies. Many of the projects have developed my skills and have broadened my experience of different processes and designs, growing my engineering knowledge over the years.


Well, congratulations Georgina and a big thank you for all of your hard work over the last 20 years! We look forward to your work for Camloc in the future.

We have invested in a new CNC Lathe to enhance production capability and flexibility for future product development

We have recently invested in a new state-of-the-art CNC lathe machine in order to increase production capability and flexibility.

The new Sprint 32|8 machine is manufactured by DMG MORI, an industry leader in metal cutting and milling machines. This new addition to our arsenal is “ideally suited for the machining of more complex workpieces” according to DMG MORI.

Major benefits of the new machine include faster development of new products and, increased flexibility when it comes to the levels of product customisation available for applications – in order to meet customer requirements.

Matt Warne, Engineering Director, said, “We wanted to invest in the right machinery that will enable us to expand our operating capabilities – and this new lathe has allowed us to take our customers’ products to the next level, with improved bespoke functionality. The investment in the new CNC Lathe was a crucial stepping stone as part of the company’s future growth plans and demonstrated a significant investment from the management team into the business”.

A management buyout alongside a £1.5m investment from leading independent private equity investment company Foresight Group, saw us successfully change hands in mid 2016.

The new lathe was successfully installed in September and is now fully operational – marking a significant step forward for us in order to keep Camloc Motion Control at the forefront of innovation and design in the gas spring and damper industry.

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We’ve invested in the latest training on cutting-edge CAM software for our new CNC machine

We have recently invested in specialist training for three members of our team on the latest CAM software required to operate our new CNC lathe machine.

The training, hosted by training provider CAM Supplies, was recently completed by employees John Widger, Gagan Chatha and Tom Gale – enabling them to get to grips with the processes required for the company’s new machine to turn a CAD model, into a fully functioning part.

The software translates 3D CAD models – converting them into a data file which can then be interpreted by the CNC machine in order to create tool paths. The movement of the lathe is  then controlled to accurately produce the required part from the paths laid down from the CAD model.

Created by software developers Esprit, this cutting-edge programme is specifically designed to work with the Italian-manufactured DMG MORI CNC machine we recently purchased. Major benefits of the new machine include faster development of new products and increased flexibility when it comes to the levels of product customisation available for applications.

“Camloc always looks to invest in the latest machinery, software and training in order to keep the company at the forefront of its industry” said Matt Warne, Director at Camloc Motion Control. “We now have three team members fully trained on Esprit’s new software package which will enable us to manufacture even more bespoke products in order to meet a variety of customer specifications.”

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