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As an Engineer, how can you ensure the longest possible life for a gas spring on an application?

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Camloc Gas Struts & Dampers - Total Peace of Mind

Camloc Motion Control launches a new multi-positional gas spring with internal pre-set friction control valve

The Stop & Stay+ is the latest offering from Camloc Motion Control Ltd –  the designers and UK manufacturers of Camloc gas struts, springs, dampers, brackets and end fittings – and this multi-positional gas spring is already in demand, thanks to its unique features which are set to make life easier for both designers and users alike.

Ideal for a wide variety of applications, including canopies, monitor arms, acoustic hoods, delicatessen counters, sunbeds and many more, Camloc has devised the Stop & Stay+ gas spring to provide the ability to fix an application in any position, angle or distance – without the need for either an external friction device, or a release mechanism.

The launch of Camloc's Stop & Stay+ further compliments its expanding range of gas springs, dampers and accessories including...

Cam-Shoc dampers, as they are known, are self-contained, maintenance-free, hydraulic damping units. They are designed and engineered to absorb, meter and control kinetic
energy with the movement of the piston through the oil creating the damping characteristic. The range, available in a variety of sizes, includes:
   • Standard oil-filled dampers
   • Oil-filled dampers with separator piston
   • Through dampers
   • Gassed emulsion filled dampers
   • Gassed dampers with separator piston
   • Military blast mitigation dampers to STANAG 4569

The Cam-Shoc range provides damping solutions suitable for arresting and controlling a wide variety of applications – from a few kilos in weight, such as lids, cabinets and ladder racks on vehicles – through much heavier weights, such as armoured doors and specialist blast mitigation solutions for use on military vehicles and other highly demanding applications. Read more...

October saw the launch of a brand new, yet fitting addition to the product range for a manufacturer more well-known for its quality gas struts, springs, dampers, brackets and end fittings.

The ‘Cam-Stay’ is a telescopic positioning stay designed for a wide range of applications where a weight must be held or supported at various angles. Easy to assemble, this user-friendly multi-positional stay with its fixed holding positions, provides quick and steadfast support for weights up to 135kg. Read more...

Camloc Motion Control Limited is a leading designer and manufacturer of an extensive range of gas struts, also known as gas springs, dampers, brackets and end fittings, providing quality engineered solutions that you can rely on time and time again.

Since 1989, literally millions of gas springs and dampers have been manufactured by Camloc Motion Control Limited in the United Kingdom and supplied to thousands of customers worldwide, across a variety of industry sectors.

Camloc gas springs provide direct support for safely lifting, positioning, holding, lowering and counterbalancing weights. They typically provide support for applications such as horizontally hinged doors, hatches, lids and covers.

  • Applications

    Camloc gas springs are used on a wide range of different applications throughout the industrial world.

  • Services & Quality

    Camloc Motion Control Limited has an enviable reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.

  • Tailor made solutions

    Technical engineers design gas springs and dampers to suit the specific needs of your applications.

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Why use us?...

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